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As a new Leadfeeder customer may not know where to begin. These tips will help you to make Leadfeeder work for you! You can either watch the quick video or read more below.

1) One of the best things you can do is to check out your options! You will find them option under the '?' icon, the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar. This menu gives you great options to help yourself and begin learning more. Including options to visit our help center, join a webinar, or book a training. We want you to get the most out of Leadfeeder, so please use any of those options at any time!

2) If you have watched the webinar, had your training, or are just ready to move on, it is good to get familiar with where you can find information. The top navigation contains menus for selecting your accounts (if you have more than one), and your personal, and site settings (billing, users, and more). You can also get more help by utilizing the Chat Box in the lower right.

3) Now that you know where the set-up menus are located, take a look at the main page. You can see it is divided into three sections. The Lead Feed will list all of the Companies identified on your site are in the middle column. The Feeds Selection column (on the left) is where you can select a feed to view or create a Custom Feed (view of selected companies) based on your own criteria or filters. The Feed Details column (on the right) shows you the feed details such as the filters selected, subscribers, and automations as well as giving you edit options.  

4) Above the Companies list, you will see a few options to filter and sort. You can select a date range to see which companies visited during a particular time.

5) You can switch feeds by choosing a new feed from the left column.

6) You can also select if you want to have leads listed by Last seen or Sort by quality.

You can download your currently selected feed (listed Companies ) to a CSV file by clicking the circled icon in the picture below:

7) When selecting a Lead from your Companies List, a detail view will open on the right-side panel. If you want to close this view you can do so by clicking the X in the top right corner.

The circled time stamp tells you when the company visited your website last time.

8) Within this Lead detail, there are several sections. Start with the Company info. This will detail the Company Size, Industry, Website, Social media links, and Location of the visitor. This section also contains Leadfeeder actions that you can use to help organize and act on Leads.

Note: Please note that we do not provide the actual IP address of your web visitor to you.

9) Take a look at the Visits section to see where this company went on your website. You can see the date as well as other details when you expand (by clicking the + icon). This offers insight into what the visitor was most interested in.

10) Open Contacts to see the people you may want to connect with at the prospective company. Here you can filter by Contact Job Title, Contact Department or Contact Country. The contact details of these individuals can be revealed using Prospector credits. Every Premium WebVisitors subscription comes with 25 credits per month, and additional credit plans are available to purchase. If you wish to search more widely for companies and contacts, with more granular filter options, you can go directly to our Prospector tool.

11) If you have connected your CRM you can open this area and see all of the details it has. You can also create new Opportunities or Deals here. CRM integration is a great feature that can help you get more from Leadfeeder, but it isn't a requirement, you can learn more about it here! If you haven't connected your CRM this won't show up for you.

12) Open up the Comments section. This is a great place to share information with your coworkers who were added as additional users or to remind yourself of things. You can send these comments to your CRM or just have them here for yourself and your team.

If you find yourself needing help reach out! Use our available chat support, email support@leadfeeder.com, join a webinar, or book a training (from step 1).


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