When you integrate Hubspot with Leadfeeder you have a number of different options regarding default fields and customizations for your Hubspot account. Detailed instructions on how to set up your integration are available here.

The lists below give the data points that you have available for these customizations and syncs but be sure to go through the other resources to get a full view of this powerful integration!

NOTE: Leadfeeder syncs data from your CRM once a day.

We can send the following to Hubspot from Leadfeeder:

  • Visit information and general keywords NOT actual search terms, as ‘note’

  • Organization Name

  • Link to Leadfeeder

  • Customization:

    • Send visits for Manually Connected leads

    • Send visits for Automatically Connected leads

    • Send lead Comments

    • Default Pipeline Stage

    • Default Deal Name

    • Map Accounts, Contacts and Deals fields to sync with HubSpot

When you integrate Leadfeeder with HubSpot CRM, Leadfeeder creates two fields in your CRM:

  • Latest Leadfeeder visit

  • View in Leadfeeder

Syncable entities: Theses are the records that are allowed to be synced from Hubspot to Leadfeeder. Tasks are dependent on leads and opportunities.

  • Contacts

  • Tasks

  • Deals

  • We sync all of a user’s data from Hubspot to Leadfeeder as well. This includes Companies, Deals, Stages, Contacts, Tasks, and Users.

When setting up feed automations that send leads to Hubspot you have the ability to configure them how they are sent. You can read more about these automations here. The fields below are the options and fields available to send to Hubspot.

NOTE: Create deal and task are only applied to Leadfeeder leads that are already connected to existing organizations.

  • Create Company    

    • Owner

  • Create Deal

    • Owner

    • Name

    • Days to set closing date

    • Pipeline/Stage

  • Create Task

    • Owner        

    • Subject        

    • Days to set due date

Manual connections: When sending leads manually to Hubspot you have the ability to configure them. You can read more about manual connections here. The fields below are the options and fields available to send to Hubspot.

  • Connect as a Company

    • Connect to an existing company

    • Create a New company

  • New visits are sent automatically

  • Send existing visits as a note to Hubspot

  • Send existing Leadfeeder lead comments as a note to Hubspot

Once leads are connected you have the ability to create and send:

  • Tasks        

    • Owner        

    • Status  

    • Due date

  • Deals        

    • Owner        

    • Pipeline/Stage    

    • Closing Date


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