Disclaimer: the Contacts feature within WebVisitors has been replaced by our new Prospector tool. Some of this data can now be exported, you can find out how to do this here.

Prospector is a powerful discovery platform which offers an easy way to find the right contact details for an individual at a company. Within WebVisitors you can now reveal, for example, a contact's work email address and/or direct phone number, by using credits. The contact's name and associated LinkedIn profile are both still visible without requiring credits.

Prospector is also a standalone tool with comprehensive search and filter functions. These can be used to find companies and contacts that fit your ideal customer profile, using company names, industry, size or other firmographic data.

Every Premium WebVisitors subscription now comes with 50 credits per month. This total refreshes each month, so if credits aren’t used within a particular month they can’t be rolled over. You have the option to purchase more if required.


When a company visits your site we always share any contacts we have for that company within Leadfeeder.

Due to our commitment to privacy and our GDPR compliance we can't allow the export of this data. While we can show and process it, the data is not ours to share en masse. Our current agreements allow it to be shown within Leadfeeder alone.


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