Q: What do I need to use Leadfeeder?
A: The two requirements for Leadfeeder are having a website and having Google Analytics installed and tracking on that website.

Q: Can I buy Leads from you?
A: No, Leadfeeder doesn't sell leads. We use the Google Analytics data from your website to identify Companies that visit.

Q: What is the point of Leadfeeder?
A: Leadfeeder is a visitor identification software service. It works with your website that has Google Analytics installed. We use the data Google Analytics collects in tandem with our processing and extensive database of business contacts and information. This allows us to identify for you the companies that visit your website and the people connected to them. This information can mean a warm lead who has already expressed interest in your business. Leadfeeder can help fill the gap between a cold call and a sign-up form.

Q: Can I track more than one website?
A: You can track multiple websites or website views. This article can help you identify what would work best for your situation.

Q: Can you tell me who visited my site? Do you identify people or just companies?
A: Knowing 'who' exactly visited your site isn't possible without them 'self identifying', either by form or a chat for example. It is illegal due to privacy reasons as well as impossible to assure accuracy due to human nature (people use other peoples computers). We identify the companies that visit your site and share with you the contacts related to that company when available. This article goes over this question further.

Q: Can I get Lead information in real-time?
A: No, Leadfeeder isn't a realtime service. We update your leads twice a day or 12 times a day if you have our 'Booster' installed.

Q: Can I use Leadfeeder on my competitors website?
A: No, you can only use Leadfeeder with websites where you have permissions to the Google Analytics account that is running on it.

Q: Does Leadfeeder get the IP address of my website visitor?
A: No, we are not supplied this information nor are we a reverse IP lookup service.
We base our data off of Google Analytics and their Network Reports. Google has all of the IP data, but makes the actual IP addresses private, and convert into network reports. We use these reports for identification.

Q: Does Leadfeeder only work with LinkedIn?
A: While Leadfeeder has an integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Team and Enterprise Edition) we have a number of different sources for our contact information. We show links to LinkedIn for companies and contacts when available but we don't rely wholly on LinkedIn for Company information.

Q: Can you send the contacts information to my CRM?
A: Due to our commitment to privacy and our GDPR compliance we can't allow the export of this data. While we can show and process it, the data is not ours to share en masse. Our current agreements allow it to be shown within Leadfeeder alone.

Q: Why don't you show all keywords and search terms when I get visits from Google?
A: Not all search queries are available from your Google analytics data. If a visitor is logged into a Google product (such as Gmail or any Google Account) when searching, their search is secured and private, and the search query isn't shared. Google implemented this to protect the privacy of its users. Keywords that result in a click on a google organic search result will not be available.

Leadfeeder shows you the keyword and the search query for a visit only in cases of a paid ad campaign (Google PPC for example).

Q: Do you have a white label option for your service?
A: No, however if you are using Leadfeeder to support clients and your service to them we have a number of data export options including, a Google Data Studio connector,  CSV download and API.

Q: If I hide a lead does it hide it for everyone?
A: Yes, if you hide a Lead in Leadfeeder it hides it for your entire team. If you are interested in being notified to specific leads that meet certain criteria we recommend setting up a custom feed. You can learn more about hiding leads here, and about custom feeds here.

Q: How often do Leads update?
A: We update as a standard twice a day. You can read more about updates here.

Q: What day are the weekly email summaries sent out?
A: Monday morning around 9 AM (time zone is your GA view’s timezone).

Q: What is this colored bar on the left?
A: The bar on the left of each Lead in your Lead view is called the Quality meter, or sometimes Engagement bar. It is a quick indicator of quality based on engagement such as page views, visit date, and bounce rate. You can read more about it here.

Q: What gets filtered out of Leadfeeder?
A: Leadfeeder only shows Company visits that can be identified. ISPs are always filtered out. This will mean that you will typically see more unique visits in Google analytics than you see in Leadfeeder. This also applies to mobile visits as they will on average be seen as ISP visits.

Q: What are the colored numbers beside the visits?
A: The numbered circles beside each visit are Visitor ID Numbers, which are identifiers of unique visitors to your site. The colors will vary and are only for visually distinguishing different visitors and repeat visits in a time range.

Q: Does Leadfeeder support two factor authentication?
A: We don’t support two factor authentication directly, but the login options for Google and Microsoft do. Those are both options in setting up your Leadfeeder account.

Q: I don't see my question here, how do I get an answer?
A: Search our help center! It has many other articles that may answer your questions as well. You can also contact our support either by chat on the lower right corner or by sending us an email to support@leadfeeder.com.

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