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How do I update Leadfeeder when my team changes?

Every organization is different but one thing is constant: change. Keeping all of your tools up to date is important to make sure everyone has what they need!

Access can be removed easily by adjusting your user settings in Leadfeeder. However, it is important in the case of an administrator leaving to make sure you have everything you need to keep Leadfeeder connected and feeding your leads!

We go over everything you really want to look at below.

STEP 1: You will want to check that you will still have a Leadfeeder Admin in the case you might be the only admin user of the account. You can easily see who manages your account (admin users) under your Company -> Users page.

Look for Full access, this means the person listed is an admin user. You will always want to have at least one active admin account. 

If your only admin user is leaving another user should be "promoted" to admin before the person and email is removed to make sure you can still access all of your settings and features (see STEP 3).

STEP 2: Make sure your Google Analytics will stay connected. Check the "owner" of the Google Analytics view by looking under Account -> Google Analytics views. 

If the team member listed is leaving, make arrangements to have the view transferred to a user that is remaining on the team, or change the Google Analytics permissions for a different user to maintain it. 

If the "owner" of the Google Analytics account is unable to be contacted or if there are issues with the connection, Leadfeeder can't help 😕.

STEP 3: If you need to "Promote" a user to Admin, or remove access to Leadfeeder you can do this within "User Management" in your "Company" settings. Search for the user and adjust their permissions by clicking on the pencil icon in the listing.

If you need, you are "promoting" "Admin Rights" to the user. If you need to remove access click the Remove access button. 

STEP 4: To assure that billing information remains accurate you will also need to check your subscription and billing settings. Go straight to Company -> Subscriptions. There you can see all of your subscriptions and use edit to get to the details

STEP 5: Have a look at all of the details and make any changes needed by clicking on Edit billing details.

STEP 6: Last but not least, certain integrations may need to be updated as well. Your CRM won’t connect if the user that originally set it up no longer has permissions. Use this article to get reconnected.

Phew! You are done! Hard work but it's worth it to keep everything in Leadfeeder running smoothly!

If at any point you need help with this transition let us know! We will help in any way possible!

NOTE: Only Admin users can adjust "user" and "billing" settings. If your Leadfeeder Admin is no longer available and you have no access to their account please contact Support via Support@Leadfeeder.com or our chatbox.


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