Leadfeeder requires that you to have a website with Google Analytics (GA) installed in order to work. Though you will be able to start the sign up process without them, you will encounter issues and Leadfeeder won't benefit you.

If you are unsure if your website has GA ask your web or marketing team. You can also ask Leadfeeder support via our chat box. We are happy to help and can tell you if your site has it. If you do not have GA on your site this link can help you get set up with a free account: Getting Started with Google Analytics.

Getting signed up:

STEP 1: You can sign up for Leadfeeder in two different ways. You can sign in using a current Google account (1), or you can create an account by supplying your email and creating a password (2).

STEP 2: Once your account is created you will be asked to connect your websites Google Analytics (GA) account. If you have not signed up with a Google account you will be prompted to connect with one at this point. The Google account you connect with needs to have Read & Analyze permissions for your website's GA account.

After connecting with your Google Account, any available GA accounts will be shown. If the account you have connected doesn't show any analytics accounts you either do not have the proper permissions, or you have chosen the wrong Google Account.

STEP 3: Once a GA account is selected you will see your available views (sometimes seen as websites). Leadfeeder can be connected to any view listed. You will want to select your sites main view unless you have created one specifically for Leadfeeder. 

NOTE: Creating a view specifically for Leadfeeder is not required. You can change this view or add other views later if needed.

STEP 4: An account creation window allowing you to name your Company and Website will appear once you have selected your view. If it has no visits we will alert you here and you should choose a different one, remember Leadfeeder shows you leads based on those visits. Once you click 'create account' we will begin to load you Leads! This may take several minutes depending on the amount of visits your site receives.

STEP 5: Complete your profile here and start enjoying Leadfeeder!


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