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Leadfeeder is simple to sign up for and the Leadfeeder Tracker is easy to install. It takes less than 5 minutes!

First, give us a few details about you, your company, and your website. This helps us give you the best suggestions for how to use Leadfeeder. We create a custom script just for your business and share it with you next, you can even email it to your web team to get it placed on the site right away!

Once you install the Leadfeeder Tracker script into your website you are well on your way. The Leadfeeder Tracker is what really powers everything, so make sure you add it ASAP! 

To sign-up for Leadfeeder, follow these 👇 steps.

STEP 1: To sign up for Leadfeeder, you can create an account by supplying your email and creating a password.

STEP 2: Fill in your company name, website address, name, and contact information. We don't sell it, we just want to know who you are. :)

STEP 3: Tell us about your role on your team. This gives us a way to help customize Leadfeeder to your needs.

STEP 4: Select the CRM you use, if we have an integration for it we can let you know how to connect it. You don't need a CRM or any of the ones listed to use Leadfeeder.

STEP 5: Select your marketing tool! If we have an integration we will let you know! If not, we will see what you use and update you on any future integrations!

STEP 6: Tell us about your sales team. This will help us customize your training and support!

STEP 7: Let us know what your main goals are with Leadfeeder. We share this with the team to make sure we can help you attain them.

STEP 8: Get your Leadfeeder Tracker script and install it on your site. You can do this yourself, or select Send to a colleague if someone else on your team will be installing it. This article: How to install Leadfeeder Tracker can help with installation.

STEP 9: Give Leadfeeder Tracker an hour or so to begin reporting - and be sure to take the in-app tour! Once Tracker starts collecting you'll see leads listed like below.

NOTE: If Tracker isn't installed, won't be able to see any leads until the script is on your site! Until you have Leadfeeder Tracker installed you won't have new leads, so make sure you add it to your site as soon as possible when you sign up!

After the Leadfeeder Tracker script is installed properly, it takes about an hour to see the Leads funnel to your Leadfeeder dashboard. If you aren’t sure if it is ‘working’ check out this article for tips on how to verify or reach out to support!

Then, kick up your feet, grab a cup of coffee (or tequila, a juice box, whatever your fancy), and watch the leads roll in! 

Celebratory happy dance required. 🎉🎉🎉


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