What is the difference between a search query and a keyword?

The terms "keyword" and "search queries" are often confused and occasionally used interchangeably. Although they are similar, it is helpful to understand the difference to understand the information you see in Leadfeeder.

A keyword is what a marketer will use to guide SEO optimization and paid advertising goals. Marketers use keyword that are high ranking for particular campaigns in content, meta descriptions, and tags. In paid advertising, these keywords are bid on and used in ads.

A search query is the real word or words that people type in to search forms to find what they need online.

Search queries often contain keywords. For example a keyword your marketing department decides upon may be "lead identification". The search queries that trigger the keyword may be the exact term, or a variation such "free lead identification," "quality lead identification," or "website lead identification".

Search queries aren't often available to platforms outside of your analytics.
Keywords can be shared with other services.

If you are interested in seeing more about your search queries you may want to look into Google Search Console as a supplement to your standard Google Analytics and Leadfeeder.

How do I see keywords in Leadfeeder?

Recent changes in the information Google Analytics shares with its customers have had a large impact on everyone. This includes you if you have a Leadfeeder account.

Right now you won't see keywords and search queries in your Leadfeeder feed. However, Leadfeeder it working on getting this information back to you!  Make sure you have Leadfeeder Tracker installed and your Google Analytics view connected so that you are ready for any updates!

We are always building a better Leadfeeder and will let you know as soon as new features come out!

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