If you are using Leadfeeder to identify leads on your site what happens if you make changes to your website? These changes could include design, hosting or even a domain name change.

If during your site update, the Web Property ID (view) changes, or the Google Analytics code is removed, Leadfeeder will not be able to properly identify your visitors and show them to you as Leads.

Leadfeeder will stay connected and continue to collect leads as long as the connected Google Analytics view stays the same. One simple way to check this is to identify the Google Analytics code on your site.

The support team here at Leadfeeder uses a simple Chrome extension called:
Tag Assistant (by Google). This tool allows us, and you, to easily identify Google Analytics on a website, and what view is connected.

Once you identify what view is on the live site, you can compare it to the view you have connected in your Leadfeeder settings. Navigate to 'Settings', 'Website', then 'Google Analytics views' to see your current connected views.

Knowing that Google Analytics is running, and that the view on your site is the same as the view you have connected in Leadfeeder is the key to assuring Leads continue to be identified for you.

Tag assistant will also show if there is no Google Analytics on your site, or if there are potential errors with your Google Analytics.

If you see a different view on your website, or the Google Analytics code has been removed, you will want to work with your web team to reinstall the Google Analytics script or change the view tracked back to the original view that is connected in Leadfeeder.

A new view can also be added to Leadfeeder to replace the outdated view if needed. This article, "Add a new Google Analytics view to Leadfeeder" can walk you through that process.

Other parts of Leadfeeder may be impacted by changes in domain name or URL structure. If you have traffic filters or custom feeds that filter based on domain or URL you may want to check those and change them to reflect any new structure or names.

Contact Leadfeeder support at support@leadfeeder.com or via our chat box if you have any questions about recent changes to your site, or future updates. We are happy to help keep everything running smoothly.

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