What do the numbers shown in ‘visit’ detail mean?

They aren’t just pretty colors or a count of your visitors. These ID numbers provide valuable insights into your leads. Your whole team can benefit as well, from sales to marketing!

The numbered circles beside each visit are what we call "Visitor ID Numbers". Each visitor to your site is assigned a number. This is one of the things that Leadfeeder Tracker makes possible!

The colors vary and are used to visually distinguish different visitors and repeat visits in the chosen time frame. The colors don’t indicate priority, they just make seeing the numbers easier.

Why would you want to know how many unique visitors come from the same company? Because it’s a great indicator of interest in your product or service!

When you see several different visitors from the same company during a small time frame it's a sign your company or website is being shared or talked about!

Take a look at the image below. You can see there have been four unique visitors during this time frame. While two of the visitors reached us via Google, two visited the site directly! Perhaps a link was shared or there was a conversation about your site.

Regardless of the reason, seeing multiple visitors from a single company is great news!

It can also show where there may be confusion or trouble on your site.

For example, if you see visits like the one from green #2 below; from the details, it looks like they may have had some trouble during sign-up as the connect page was visited several times before they reached the ‘finish’ page.

If you see this on a lot of visits and different visitors you may want to investigate your sign-up process for ease and clarity.

If you have either our Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Hubspot integration set up, then when a visitor clicks through one of your campaign links they will be identified as an initial instead of a visitor number.
Hovering over it gives you the email of the visitor. The example below shows you what it looks like.

With this, you can see what campaign they clicked on but also all future visits from that person will be identified!

If you integrate HubSpot with Leadfeeder and use HubSpot’s live chat, forms, or email click tracking, we can show the visitors in a similar way as with Mailchimp.

Have any other questions about Visitor ID numbers Feel free to browse the Help Center, and contact us in support if you need us!


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