The numbered circles beside each visit are what we call "Visitor ID Numbers", which are identifiers of unique visitors to your site.

In this example below, you can see three unique visitors from the same company, as indicated by the different colored #1, #2, and #3. The colors will vary and are only for visually distinguishing different visitors and repeat visits in a time range (see last example).

These IDs can give you more detail on how many people at a particular company are visiting your site during a selected time frame.

In this example, you can see that Green #2 visited on June 4 and went to several different pages. 

We see that Red #1 also visited, but went directly to the pricing page. 

This shows that two different visitors came to the site on the same day from the same company.

In this next example below, we can see again two different visitors from the same company at different times

Dark Red #2 visited earlier in the day, not once but twice, from different routes. 

It looks as if they may have had trouble signing up and then left the site based on their visit behavior. 

However, you can see that Orange #1 went directly to a page and completed sign up later in the day. Perhaps these two visitors were helping each other through the process.

This feature will also help you to identify specific visitors if you have our Mailchimp integration set up and the visitor clicks through one of your Mailchimp campaign links.

These features were once only available to the users of our Booster script, but are now available to all of our Premium customers.

*As the ID number feature is recent, you may not see it on visits before June 2019.*

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