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The WebVisitor contacts shown with your leads can sometimes contain a lot of people! You can filter these contacts by Job Title, Department or Country to help you find the right person to connect with.

Contact Job Title Filter

The Job Title filter is very helpful if you know the typical job titles your decision makers usually have. For example, if the person who buys your product or service is almost always in a sales role - search for 'sales'. This will show you all of the contacts who have listed 'sales' in their Job Title! You can use whatever terms that work best for you. Plus you can enter multiple Job Titles into this field.

Contact Department Filter

The Department filter can help you narrow down the contact list even if you don't have specific job titles you wish to search by. If you know what field you're looking to reach out to contacts from, this is the filter for you.

Contact Country Filter

You may only want to reach out to potential customers who are in a certain country, if so, you can use the Country filter. Choose the right country from the drop down list and you will only see the contacts from this location.

Make getting in touch with the right person even easier with WebVisitor Contacts. You can use each filter independently, or combine your parameters for a more detailed search. If you'd like to reveal the contact details of these individuals you can do so using Prospector credits.

Note: The contacts you find in the WebVisitors Contacts section are not necessarily those who visited your website. This feature is here to help you to discover the best people to contact. You can determine who the right people to contact could be based on who your ideal customer is, and comparing it to the job titles and locations of the available Contacts.

Disclaimer: The WebVisitors Contacts feature has completely replaced the former Leadfeeder Contacts feature.


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