You may have multiple websites that you want to connect with Leadfeeder. Depending on your situation there are two ways that you can track different sites.

Option 1: Separate Accounts

Create separate accounts for each Google Analytics view. When you choose to do so, you have leads from separate views in separate accounts and you can jump between those accounts.
You can also manage which users can see each  account's leads. You can purchase separate subscriptions for each account, or if you need to be able to all accounts on one bill, we may be able to create a package for you—contact us.

This option works best if you need to have separate data sets, separated billing, or if you are managing accounts for clients and access needs to be controlled, such as for agency customers and users.

Option 2: One Account - Multiple Google Analytics' Views

You can add (max. 10) Google Analytics views under the same account: this will put all the leads in the same feed and visits from the same company under the same lead. 

If you want to separate the leads, you can create a custom feed that looks for something unique in one of the sites. 

For example, you have sites and So, you could create two custom feeds. One that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with A-Website and another custom feed that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with B-Website.

How do you know which one is best for you?

If your websites are for the same business, or sales and marketing team—and you don't mind that all the users see all the leads—Option 2 may be best.

If you want to keep leads in separate places, quotas tightly controlled, and billing specific option 1 could be better for you.

If you aren't sure, please reach out! Our team is happy to help make sure you are set up in the best way for your needs. You can get in touch by using our chat, or by emailing


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