Do you have multiple websites that you want to connect with Leadfeeder? Maybe you are an agency, maybe you just have different sites that all lead back to you (serious hustle)!  Depending on your situation there are three ways that you can track different sites.

NOTE: Using the Add a Website button will create an entirely new subscription and trial. Before you click that button, read on.

How do I set up Leadfeeder for more than one new website?

OPTION 1: Create separate accounts and companies from scratch.

Create different companies for each Website account. When you choose this option, you will create entirely new accounts and subscriptions for each website.

A unique Tracker Script will be created for you to place on each website and you'll set them up individually.

Separate accounts mean you can make sure only users connected with the account can access it. By purchasing separate subscriptions for each account it is easy to get the right package, implement filters, connect the right CRM, and see only leads from one site at a time.

This option works best if you need to have separate tracking script, data sets, specific billing, or if you are managing accounts for clients and access needs to be controlled. For example; agency customers, completely separate businesses, or when you are implementing Leadfeeder but the client will be responsible for the account in its entirety.

This article shows you how to do that.

OPTION 2: Use the Add a Website button.

This will add a new subscription related to your current account. A separate trial and future paid subscription will be started.

You would be set up as a user on the account and the tracker code and billing information would be shared, however, the trial/subscription leads would not be counted in or billed with your current account.

This may be applicable if you are managing and paying for subscriptions but you need users and CMS setups to be separate. Please notice in this option the Leadfeeder tracker script is same for all website accounts.

If you don't want to pay for another subscription, but rather want to simply add another website that you manage (typically for companies that have multiple domains) use option 3 below.

OPTION 3: Use one account with multiple sites.

With the Leadfeeder Tracker, you have the option to use one script on multiple sites. Simply install the script on each site you want to track as per screenshot below!

Option 3 is recommended especially if you have a "main" domain and a subdomain you want to track under the same Leadfeeder account.

When adding new sites be sure to check the Tracker Traffic rules.

For example in the image above we are tracking two sites with our script under one paid account. These are and

After adding the script, we checked to confirm that all the sites we want are tracking and that the hostnames are correct.

If you want to separate the leads, you can create a custom feed that looks for something unique in each one of the sites. For example to see Leads that visited you could create a custom feed based on the domain as shown below!

If you have multiple sites you would do something similar. Sites and you may want to see separately. You could create two custom feeds, one that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with A-Website and another custom feed that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with B-Website.

Remember every site you add to your account will likely increase the number of leads we identify as well as your quota. If you have questions about how adding sites may impact your subscription reach out to support or to your Leadfeeder contact!

How do you know which option is best for you?

If your websites are for the same business, or sales and marketing team, and you don't mind that all the users see all the leads, Option 3 may be best.

If you want to manage and pay for accounts but have separate users, Option 2 may work for you.

If you want to keep leads in separate places, users limited, quotas tightly controlled, and billing specific Option 1 could be better for you.

If you aren't sure, please reach out! Our team is happy to help make sure you are set up so that you get what you need from Leadfeeder. You can get in touch by using our chat, or by emailing

NOTE: Please notice, if you are a Salesforce CRM user, that Salesforce allows one Salesforce user token to integrate max 4 "apps" meaning Leadfeeder accounts.


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