With the Leadfeeder Tracker, you have the option to use one script on multiple websites.

1) Simply install the script on each site you want to track as per the screenshot below!

It is recommended especially if you have a "main" domain and a subdomain you want to track under the same Leadfeeder account.

When adding new sites be sure to check the Tracker Traffic rules.

For example in the image above we are tracking two sites with our script under one paid account. These are www.leadfeeder.com and app.leadfeeder.com.

After adding the script, we checked to confirm that all the sites we want are tracking and that the hostnames are correct and switched on (blue).

2) You can also add a website to your existing account by clicking the "+ Add website" button in your current Leadfeeder account.

Open your current Leadfeeder account, click on the name of your company dropdown (red circle above), and then click on the + Add website button and you will have 2 choices.

Click on Select Account and you will just add another domain name to your current account. You will be prompted to add the tracker script used for your current account on the newly added website.

You can add up to 150 websites (domain names) to one account.

If you have multiple websites you can use custom feeds to see the leads to each website separately. You could create two custom feeds, one that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with A-Website and another custom feed that only shows Leads that visited the URL that began with B-Website.

Remember every site you add to your account will likely increase the number of leads we identify as well as your quota. If you have questions about how adding sites may impact your subscription reach out to support or to your Leadfeeder contact!

This will work for you the best if you have multiple websites for the same business, or sales and marketing team, and you don't mind that all the users see all the leads.

NOTE: Please notice, if you are a Salesforce CRM user, that Salesforce allows one Salesforce user token to integrate max 4 "apps" meaning Leadfeeder accounts.


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