In order to benefit from Leadfeeder Booster our unique script needs to be activated and placed on the site. The article Install Leadfeeder Booster goes over how to get things set up, however if you are having trouble getting Booster working and seeing the results check the tips below.

1. Have you defined the dimension in your Leadfeeder Settings?

The Grant access button in the Booster setup screen needs to be clicked. If you do not have Edit permissions in Google Analytics at the Property level, this will be shown and you will need to have that added to your Google Analytics account. If you receive Error you may not have enough space to setup a custom dimension. Google allows only 20. You may need to modify one to free up space.

2. Is the Leadfeeder Booster script added to the right place in your website? 

Please copy and paste the script in the bottom of your website above the closing body tag. You can find further instructions here, and here is explained how to add the script to your WordPress page.

3. Does the page where you inserted the Booster Script contain the Google Analytics Script as well?

Booster will not work without the Google Analytics script present.

4. Did you just place the Booster Script?

Typically Booster needs 24 hours to begin working.
It requires a certain amount of visitors in order to register so for certain sites this may take a bit longer.

5. Is Booster creating events in Google Analytics?

Once Booster is installed you may begin to see 'lf' events recorded in your Google Analytics. This is expected and shouldn't create any issues for your standard event tracking.

6. Did none of this help?

Contact Support via email at or chat. We will help get it sorted out for you!

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