Integration connections can have two possible status values: OK or Invalid.

If your integration status is OK, the integration connection is working normally. 

If your integration status is Invalid, something is wrong and the connection is not working as it should.

The "status_reason" indicates what is the problem with the connection.

NOTE: The "status_reason" is visible on the reconnect page. If your integration says "disconnected" click the blue Reconnect on the right side to see the details and status codes in order to repair the connection.

You can see the status of your integration via your Leadfeeder Settings by going to the tab Account and clicking the name of the in integration on the left side of the view.

Here's a list of the known values for status_reason, a description of the error, and how can it be fixed:



The Slack workspace is not active. Remove the integration and connect to a new workspace.


Your default Slack channel is archived. Please select another default channel from your Slack settings in Leadfeeder.


Your default Slack channel can't be found. Please select another default channel from your Slack settings in Leadfeeder.


Please reconnect to Slack from Leadfeeder settings.


The channel was not found. Please ensure it still exists, or choose a new channel.


The permissions of the Leadfeeder app in Slack have changed. Go to Slack in your account’s Leadfeeder Settings and select Reconnect.


The connection between Slack and Leadfeeder has failed. Go to Slack settings in your Leadfeeder account, and select Reconnect.

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