Instead of sending leads to your HubSpot CRM manually, you can create a custom feed and set up automation to get matching leads to your CRM automatically.

This action relates to three HubSpot records: company, deal and task.

Get started by choosing Action to be Send to HubSpot CRM and click Configure.


In the first stage, you define if you want the automation to create a new company for the given Leadfeeder lead that matches to your custom feed criteria.

If unselected, the automation will only take into account the leads already connected to a company within your CRM when creating a new deal or a task.


In the next phase, you'll decide if you want to create a new deal for the company that Leadfeeder lead is connected to (or just newly created, if you chose to have the toggle on in the previous step).

If unselected, we will take only existing deals into account when creating the task.


In the final phase, you choose whether you want to create a task. Please notice that your choices in this section are dependent upon your choices in the prior section. Your results here are dependent on whether you selected to create a new company and deal, or you chose only to take into account existing companies and deals.In the example below, the user didn't choose to create a new company but wanted the automation to create a new deal.

After you have set up the wanted rules, click Apply, then Add automation and finally Save.

This automation will now send matching leads from your custom feed to your CRM automatically.

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