Whether you have set up a trial, subscribed to a premium plan, have been added to an organization that uses Leadfeeder, or just need a refresher, these resources can help.

The links, videos, and downloads below can help you and your team understand what Leadfeeder is and how to make it work for you.


What is Leadfeeder?
This a high-level overview telling you about what Leadfeeder does for you!

How do I use Leadfeeder?
A more detailed video overview of Leadfeeder's features, including some set-up tips!

This video reviews customs feeds, a few examples of how you can use them, and how to set them up. It also gives a brief overview of how your CRM can connect.

This video reviews all of the readily available Leadfeeder actions that can give you even more value out of Leadfeeder.


How do I start?
This guide can be used as a checklist with all the 'must-dos' for you and your team.
Leadfeeder Implementation Guide

How do I sell B2B in a social way?
Be where your market remains one of the most basic rules of sales. In today’s world, your B2B buyers are on social media.
Master the Art of B2B Social Selling

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