If you use the WordPress CMS and are installing the Leadfeeder Booster script there are a couple of options to insert your script.

If you are familiar with working with WordPress theme files, or have team that is you can enque the script within your functions.php file. We won’t go over this in detail here as altering your theme files can cause issues. If you know how to do it, go for it!

But, a simpler option may be to work with a plugin!

Here's how to get started:

STEP 1: From your Dashboard navigate to Plugins and click Add New.

STEP 2: From there you will see a number of listed plugins and and option to Search or Upload a plugin

STEP 3: Search for your desired plugin here. You want a plugin that will allow you to insert scripts above the closing body tag of your page, or footer. 

NOTE: It’s important that the script goes on each page, which is why we recommend putting it in an element that exists on each page. Find one that will work for you. In this example we are using H&F. You can click the Install Now button if you wish to install from here.

Another option is to visit the plugin page and download the zip file to your computer and then upload the zip file via the Upload Plugin button. Select the Zip file and click Install Now.

STEP 4: Activate the plugin on one of the plugin pages (add plugins or current plugins).

STEP 5: Once activated you should be able to navigate to the plugin settings, and from within the settings of the plugin Insert the script into the Footer section of the desktop area just as you see it in Leadfeeder.

STEP 6: Don’t forget to save! 

Voila! Now your Leadfeeder Booster script should be ready to enhance your leads on every page of your site.

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