Admin user

  • Can access everything and perform every action. This includes changing access level – and removing access – for every other user, including all other admin users.
  • Can access and update Traffic filters
  • Can access and update Integration details
  • Can access and update Target companies
  • Can access and update Google analytics views
  • Can access and update Website details

User with access to All Websites or Limited

  • Can view company and website information in the settings, but not edit.
  • Can view subscriptions and invoices for websites which they have access to. 
  • Cannot view billing profiles or credit cards.
  • Can view all the information in tab Website, but not edit.
  • Can view which integrations are "Connected". Cannot view integration details, or connect any new integrations.
  • Can access and update Hidden companies

All user levels are able to view leads, set up feeds, and all other tasks within the main tool. Permissions apply mostly to account setup and maintenance.

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