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The Contacts feature in WebVisitors shows you people you may want to connect with at a prospective company who has visited your website.

You can filter by Contact Job Title, Contact Department or Contact Country.

The contact details of these individuals can be revealed using credits. The contact's name and associated LinkedIn profile are both visible without requiring credits.

The contact details come from Prospector, our powerful discovery platform which offers an easy way to find the right contact details for an individual at a company.

When you click 'Reveal details' you will see details such as the below:

  • Work email address,

  • Direct phone number,

  • Related email address,

  • Related phone number,

  • Or any combination of above

Clicking 'Reveal details' will use one of your available credits. You can see how many credits you have available next to the Contact Filter option.

Every Premium WebVisitors subscription comes with 25 credits per month. This total refreshes each month, so if credits aren’t used within a particular month they can’t be rolled over. You have the option to purchase additional credits if required.

If you wish to search more widely for companies and contacts, using comprehensive filter options, you can go directly to our standalone Prospector tool.

Note: The contacts you find in the WebVisitors Contacts section are not necessarily those who visited your website. This feature is here to help you to discover the best people to contact. You can determine who the right people to contact could be based on who your ideal customer is, and comparing it to the job titles and locations of the available Contacts.

Disclaimer: The WebVisitors Contacts feature has completely replaced the former Leadfeeder Contacts feature.


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