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What is the difference between Leadfeeder Premium and Leadfeeder Lite?

Leadfeeder Premium offers all of the features and benefits offered, but if it isn’t the right time Leadfeeder Lite is an option for everyone.

Everyone who starts an account with Leadfeeder begins with a Premium trial period. During this trial, you will see, and have an opportunity to use every Leadfeeder feature. This includes all integrations and visibility into all of the information Leadfeeder see about your visitors!

At the end of your trial period, you will automatically be transferred to a Lite account if you decide not to upgrade to Premium. There isn’t a way to sign up immediately for the Lite version, so enjoy the trial and see the difference. :)

NOTE: If you don't buy Leadfeeder Premium within 30 days of your trial ending, you will lose access to your old data.

Leadfeeder Lite shows a standard feed of the companies we have identified as visitors to your website. You will see the name and location of the company, but no other details are available in Lite.

With Lite accounts you also have a limited time where the company data is retained, this means you can only see leads from the past seven days. There is also a limit to how many leads will be shown.

While our Premium accounts update every hour, Lite accounts update once every 24 hours. 

Lite accounts will see no more than 100 leads at a time. This means if in the past 7 days we identified 200 leads, you would only see the names of 100.

Also lite account will not include any email notifications.

While a Lite account may be perfect for you we hope that during your Premium trial you see all of the benefits Leadfeeder Premium offers.

Upgrading to a Premium subscription at any time can unlock all of the features you need!

If you have questions or need some convincing on why you should upgrade to Premium just reach out! We are happy to help via our live chat or through email, support@leadfeeder.com.


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