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Once you've successfully integrated Leadfeeder to your Hangouts Chat space you can send Leadfeeder leads to Hangouts Chat.

A new button Send to Hangouts Chat has appeared in the lead details section. By clicking on it, the chat space list will open up. Choose the space you want to send the lead to and click on Send.

NOTE: In case the space you want to send the lead is not appearing, mention @LeadfeederBot on the space to get it on the list.

The lead will enter the space with the following format:

Also, a following @ icon will show up on the company list indicating that this lead is already sent to your Hangouts Chat:

Furthermore, you can filter the leads already sent to Hangouts Chat by creating a custom feed.

Click on the Create new feed button on the right-hand side. You might need to close the lead you are currently viewing by clicking on X on the top right and apply the filter as below:

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