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In order to enable the Hangouts Chat integration you need to be either a Leadfeeder Premium or Trial user. 

How do I connect Hangouts Chat with Leadfeeder?

STEP 1: Go to integrations.leadfeeder.com and select the Leadfeeder account you want to connect to your Hangouts Chat.

STEP 2: In the next page, click on Hangouts Chat. 

STEP 3: Follow the steps that are displayed in the screen.

NOTE: You need to have privileges to add bots to the chat space.

STEP 4: When mentioning @LeadfeederBot on the space you want to get Leadfeeder leads sent to, you will be prompted to sign in to Leadfeeder.

That's it! The integration between your Leadfeeder account and the chat space is now set up. 

In the integration's settings page, you can see, which chat spaces Leadfeeder already connects with.

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