Most of our Boosters benefits are happening in the background and you might not spot the difference at the first glance. Leadfeeder Booster will:

  • Have your Leadfeeder data updated more frequently, up to 12 times a day as opposed to 2.
  • Gain insight on how many different people from a company are visiting your website. Each visitor’s unique identification code will be tied back to your leads visit data in Leadfeeder.
    *This feature is no longer just for Booster users.
  • Track individual visit data through the Mailchimp campaign. Once we’ve identified an individual clicking through to your website from a Mailchimp campaign, you'll be able to track that individual’s website behaviour from the past and in the future.
    *This feature is no longer just for Booster users.
  • Get leads loaded faster into your Leadfeeder . This happens in the background and help with websites that have over 100,000 visits/day.
  • With Leadfeeder Booster we update your leads once during the night and once an hour between 7 AM and 5 PM. The times are based on your Google Analytics timezone.

Booster will trigger a non-interaction 'lf' event to your custom dimension.
Booster takes key Google Analytics data and stores it into a Google Analytics custom dimension. This enables Leadfeeder to use the Google Analytics API more efficiently. All the data that Booster uses is already in Google Analytics, it is merely “reorganising” it on the collection end. This should have no impact on any of your standard analytics reporting.

Visitor ID

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