Now that you have Leadfeeder you have a start, a ready pool of companies who have visited your website. They came to the site for a reason, they had a problem that they thought you may be able to solve either by your product or service. But what now?

Leadfeeder gives you contacts to connect with whenever they are available. You can start your out-reach there. The best method is to look at things from a human connections perspective. Check that company's staff from LinkedIn (direct from Leadfeeder) and discover if you know anyone or if you or your team have connections in common. Do what you would with any other prospect - build a relationship and try to help them with Your solution.

If you don't have direct contacts or common contacts then you have to follow the old-fashioned route: identify the decision-maker; the person who could make a purchasing decision about your product or service. 

Here are a few links that may help you to narrow the field and get you closer to the decision-maker you want to connect with.

We also have fantastic webinars on prospecting and other sales-related subjects with great connection tips from our sales leaders!

One of our favorites is here, Prospecting like a Boss!, but check them all out on our webinars page.

The Leadfeeder team has also put together other great resources to help you and your team be even more effective. Our Academy has great videos for both marketing and sales experts.

Here are two great guides on how to target sales with Leadfeeder: 

We have also put together some tips on how to start conversations with your prospects.

We always recommend reaching out socially as well! We have written LOADS of blogs on 'Social Selling'. With timely, personalized outreach, and some of the tips and tools we have shared, you can use Leadfeeder to make an impact.

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