Your feed will show a quality bar for each lead. The quality is colour coded from red to green. Red being low quality leads and green high quality leads. The higher the engagement, seen as pageviews, the higher the quality of the lead! We also show you the bounces in this quick overview.

Quality 2 or less will be indicated as: Low quality/Red
Quality 3–6 will be indicated as:: Medium quality/Orange
Quality 7 or higher will be indicated as: High quality/Green

The quality of the lead is determined by pageviews during one visit.
It's not possible to modify the quality function. 

The quality of a lead is calculated using the number of pageviews (up to ten) from the visit with more pageviews during the selected time interval in the timeline.

Company A:
Visit with 7 pageviews
Quality: 7

Company B
Visit with 4 pageviews
Visit with 3 pageviews
Quality: 4

Company C
Visit with 1 pageviews
Visit with 12 pageviews
Quality: 10

You can use the Quality attribute when creating Custom feeds for example.

Leadfeeder is always finding ways to improve, we will occasionally test changes and features in the application in order to find out how to best provide information to our customers.

In the case of lead quality some accounts may be seeing a different type of scoring - this is a scoring/quality feature in testing. This new scoring is a mixture of visit activity and the information we have on the company. The visit information and the company information each make up for half of the 'score'.

Within the selected timeframe the number of pageviews (up to ten from the visit with more pageviews) is scored 1-5, the more visits, the higher the score. This is combined with a score (1-5) for the information we have available for the company, such as Leadfeeder contacts, company description, website, etc. The more detail we have on a company the higher the score. These two scores are combined to provide the full 'quality' score.

With this method you may see companies that have fewer visits with a higher score because there is more information available on the company. However there is more information about the company, making it easier for you and your team to connect. If you have questions about which lead scoring you are seeing please ask support in out live chat or by emailing

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