All websites in Leadfeeder get a free 14 day Premium trial. Premium is the paid version of Leadfeeder. We offer a free version called Lite as well.

The account will automatically change to the free Lite mode after the trial if you don't purchase the Premium plan.

You can find our pricing plans here.

Payment methods

Available billing cycles:

  • Monthly - Available only for credit card subscriptions
  • Annual (12 months) - Available for invoiced or credit card subscription

NOTE: Annual credit card subscription gets 10 % off.

Available billing methods:

  • Credit Card - Available for monthly or annual subscription
  • Invoice - Available only for annual subscriptions

Plans & Pricing

We will automatically select the correct plan for your website once you've signed up. The plan is based on the number of leads per month.

NOTE: Annual subscriptions will be charged once (12xmonthly price)

Don't hesitate to contact our sales ( if you have any questions about our pricing.

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