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How do I send Leads to Salesforce from inside Leadfeeder?

Sending Leads to Salesforce from Leadfeeder is simple!

For every Lead in your feed, you have information in the panel on the right. These all fall into different sections; Company Info, Visits, Contacts, CRM (in this case, Salesforce), and Comments.

You can connect the Lead you have chosen in the Salesforce section OR the Contact section.

In the Contact section, you can click the Salesforce star on the far right.
Leadfeeder will automatically fill in the contact information and begin connecting with Salesforce as a Lead!

Complete the process by selecting to send visits and comments or not and create!

In the Salesforce section, the option to connect the Lead as an Account or a Lead shows.

To create a new account in Salesforce, select 'Account', and complete the process. Select the owner (this can be a person or a process email), name the account, or, if needed, match it with a currently existing account (use the 'Connect to an Existing account' to search). Remember to select if you want the visits and notes sent, then save.

To create a new Lead from this section, select 'Lead' and complete the other fields. You can fill in contacts here, or search and match with a Lead that already exists in your Salesforce account. You can use the 'Connect to an Existing...' field to search if you think you may already have a Lead to connect.

Visits and comments sent will appear in Salesforce based on how you set up the page layouts when you integrated Salesforce and Leadfeeder. Click on the visits to expand them and see more detail in both the Lightening and Classic Salesforce UI.

Manually sending leads offers the control you may want for your organization; however, it isn't the only way to get Leads from Leadfeeder to Salesforce. Leadfeeder automation can be used to send Leads to Salesforce automatically based on specific criteria. If you are curious about automation, be sure to check out the article here.

Every business is unique; there isn't a 'one size fits all' integration set up or process; however, we do offer some process suggestions based on our customers' experiences. You can read more about those here!

Do you have suggestions for us regarding our integrations, Salesforce, or others? Let us know! Visit our suggestion forum and make your voice heard!

If you need more help reach out to your Success Manager or to support via live chat or support@leadfeeder.com, we are all happy to help make the integration work for you!


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