Connect a lead to Salesforce

STEP 1: Take an interesting lead from Leadfeeder to Salesforce by clicking on Connect as...

STEP 2: First, you need to choose if you want to include existing visits from that lead in your Salesforce's account/lead. They'll show up in the section called Leadfeeder visits. Alternatively, you can setup the integration to send only future visits of that Leadfeeder lead to Salesforce.

STEP 3: Once you've done that you can either:

a) Create a new account/lead, or
b) Connect to an existing account/lead in Salesforce.

STEP 4: After connecting a lead with Salesforce, visits will appear as you can see in the screenshot below. 

NOTE: With the Classic UI, it will look a bit different.

STEP 5: By clicking on an individual visit more details will open up:

NOTE: If you send a lead from Leadfeeder to your Salesforce that has a LinkedIn profile associated, we send also the following information: website URL, number of employees, industry, account source and description of the company.


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