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Using Mailchimp integrated with Leadfeeder, allows you to sync all current campaign subscribers who have visited your website down to the specific pages visited.

How do I connect Mailchimp with Leadfeeder?

NOTE: To be able to integrate Mailchimp with Leadfeeder, you need to have either admin or owner permissions in Mailchimp.

STEP 1: Go to your settings by clicking your name on the right upper corner and selecting Setting from the menu.

STEP 2: Select tab Account and then Mailchimp.

STEP 3: You will be taken to our integrations page. Follow the instructions from there to complete your integration. 

NOTE: You have to turn on Google Analytics integration in Mailchimp. Check this article to make sure you have all setup ok before sending the next Mailchimp newsletter.

STEP 4: Next you will see this screen as Leadfeeder loads your data and that's the set-up complete. 

STEP 5: While it's loading, you can just head Back to Leadfeeder and continue whatever you were doing. Check this article to see what to do once the integration is all set up.

NOTE: If you use both Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, you can integrate both of them with Leadfeeder at the same time. Here is how to integrate ActiveCampaign with Leadfeeder.


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