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Dynamics 365 CRM integration is available for Leadfeeder Premium and Trial users. To connect to Dynamics 365 CRM you need to have the following privileges for the Dynamics account: admin privileges or at least read, write, update, append, append to, and the user who will do the integration should not be limited by any field or record security or validation rule.

NOTE: Please note, currently Leadfeeder integrates with the Online version of Dynamics only. We do not integrate with the On-Premise version.

How do I connect Dynamics 365 with Leadfeeder?

STEP 1: Go to integrations.leadfeeder.com and select the Leadfeeder account you want to connect to your Dynamics 365.

STEP 2: In the following view click on Dynamics 365. 

STEP 3: You will be taken to our integrations page, which should look like the following page. Follow the instructions there.


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