By integrating Pipedrive to Leadfeeder, you can send company, deals and activity details from Leadfeeder directly to Pipedrive. Send website visit details about your leads from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive to provide context for sales team members on outreach. 

In order to enable the Pipedrive integration you need to be either a Leadfeeder Premium or Trial user. Also, to connect Pipedrive you need a working Pipedrive account and Admin privileges for the Pipedrive account.

How do I connect Pipedrive with Leadfeeder?

STEP 1: Go to and select the Leadfeeder account you want to connect to your Pipedrive CRM.

STEP 2: In the following view click on Pipedrive. 

STEP 3: You will be taken to our integrations page. Follow the instructions from there to complete your integration.

Read this article to see what happens once you connect a Leadfeeder with an org in Pipedrive.

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