Pipedrive integration is available for Leadfeeder Premium and Trial users. 

It's quick and easy to connect your Leadfeeder with Pipedrive.

To connect Pipedrive you need a working Pipedrive account and Admin privileges for the Pipedrive account.

How do I connect Pipedrive with Leadfeeder?

First, make sure you have Admin rights for your Pipedrive. Then log in to Leadfeeder, select an organization that you want to send to Pipedrive and click the “Connect to CRM” button.

You will be taken to our integrations page. From there select Pipedrive, click on Continue button and give consent to Leadfeeder to access your Pipedrive data by clicking on the Allow and Install button on the next screen. Connection done and initial syncing on its way!

Read this article to see what happens once you connect a Leadfeeder with an org in Pipedrive.

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