Once you've successfully integrated Leadfeeder to your HubSpot CRM you can connect Leadfeeder leads to Hubspot CRM companies & deals. These can already exist in HubSpot CRM or you can create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder UI.

Connect a lead to HubSpot CRM

  1. Take an interesting lead from Leadfeeder to HubSpot CRM by clicking on "Connect to HubSpot CRM as company".

Once you've done that you can either:

a) Create a new company, or
b) Connect to an existing company in HubSpot CRM (NOTE: in most of the cases Leadfeeder's Automatic Matching will connect Leadfeeder leads to your existing Hubspot companies.)

2. After connecting a lead with HubSpot CRM, visits will appear like in the screenshot below as notes.

By clicking on Expand more details will open up.

3. Other functionalities related to the integration

  • Create new tasks to HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder
  • Create new deals to HubSpot CRM
  • Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot. Notice also new filtered leads lists being generated at this point.

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