Once you've successfully integrated Dynamics to your Leadfeeder and you have configured your Dynamics view you can:

  • connect Leadfeeder leads to Dynamics leads or accounts
  • create new tasks & opportunities
  • see what CRM records exist for your website leads

Connect a lead to Dynamics

1) Take an interesting lead from Leadfeeder to Dynamics by clicking on "Connect as...".

NOTE: We connect the no-brainers for you, so you don’t need to connect every lead manually. So once you've integrated Dynamics, you will start seeing these “Dynamics 365” badges next to the Leadfeeder leads.

2) After connecting a lead with Dynamics, visits will appear at Dynamics' end like in the screenshot below.

3) By clicking the arrow in the top navigation bar and choosing pageviews more details will open up.

4) Also, when the Leadfeeder lead is connected to Dynamics account/lead, you’ll immediately see what tasks you’ve already scheduled for the account/lead. Moreover, you can create new tasks without leaving the Leadfeeder interface.

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